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Glow-Worm Betacom4 30kW Combi Boiler – Cheap Boiler Prices UK

Betacom4 is a highly efficient combi boiler with a choice of 24 or 30kW outputs for instant hot water and heating. Betacom4 comes with a simple inbuilt analogue timer and is also compatible with the full range of Glow-worm controls including the popular MiGo app based control, making it easy to set the heating programme required and run in the most efficient way to meet heating & hot water ...

How Do Glow-Worm Boilers Compare With Worcester Bosch?

Glow-Worm Boiler Prices Versus Worcester Bosch. However, the problem that mid-tier brands like Glow-Worm have, is that Bosch have now invested in an online boiler installation platform. Given the fact they offer fixed prices online, they remove the need for an expensive sales rep, or house visit.

Compare Glow Worm Gas Boilers Prices (2020) – Every

54 rows · Glow-Worm gas boilers prices range between £550 and £1789, excluding the cost of installation. Glow-worm is amongst the leading boiler manufacturers in the UK and its boilers are highly energy efficient resulting in reduced carbon ...

Glow-worm Boilers | Glow-worm Boiler Packs

Install a Glow-worm boiler pack from our range at Wolseley for high efficiency heating. Order Glow-worm combi boilers, system boilers and more today.

Glow Worm Boiler Reviews - Spotlight on the Energy Series

Our Glow-Worm Boiler review looks to shine some light on the new range in an effort to make it easier for you to find the boiler that is right for you and your home. What changes were made to the Glow-Worm boiler range? Glow-Worm have made strong moves towards unifying their selection of central heating appliances.

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Glow Worm Ultracom 30HXI Regular Boiler

Glow Worm Ultracom 30HXI Regular Boiler. Manufacturers Part No: 10002453 Advanced range Glow Worm Ultracom 30HXI Regular Boiler of High Efficiency condensing regular heat only boilers with inbuilt digital programmer and stainless steel heat exchanger available in 12 to 38 kW outputs. The Which? Best Buy award winner in 2010 Ultracom hxi regular heat only boilers completes the Ultracom range.

How To Heat a Swimming Pool Using a Boiler

This is another Alternative Heating & Supplies episode on swimming pool setup and in this blog post we are going to talk about how you can hook up the boiler to the swimming pool, the difference between chlorine and salt water pools, and the difference between using CPVC and PVC in pools. Find out all the details you need to know to use a boiler to heat up your pool water. Continue reading →

Glow Worm Boiler Installation In Brighton, Sussex

Glow Worm Boiler Installation in Brighton, Expert Glow Worm Boiler Installation Specialists in Brighton, Plumbing and Heating Services Brighton and Sussex, Competitive Prices, Fully Qualified, Reliable and Insured, Free Quotation Call 01273 257 447

Glow Worm Boiler Price & Install Cost: Combi, System, Heat

Glow-Worm boiler type ranges. There are two types of boilers we feature for Glow-worm which include combi, system & heat-only (regular). All the boilers within the range only run on gas fuel so if you’re looking for boiler brands that supply oil then you may want to look at Worcester Bosch.

Glow-worm Energy Combi Boilers 25kW, 30kW, 35kW Prices and

The Glow-worm Energy Combi is a Quiet Mark approved combination boiler that comes in a good range of heat outputs. This gas condensing combi boiler by Glow-worm is super-quiet and features sophisticated components for long life and excellent performance.

Glow-worm Boilers - Combi Boiler, System & Conventional

Glow-worm is a trusted British brand with a heritage spanning over 75 years in the heating business. After becoming one of the first UK manufacturers to develop the condensing boiler, Glow-worm now makes dependable fuel efficient boilers for every type of central heating system, including combination boilers, heat only boilers and system boilers.

Need help with backup for outdoor wood boiler — Heating Help

Heatpump DHW tank that receives wood-fired, pre-heated supply water through an x-changer. Wood will heat your DHW most of the year and all summer will be electric heat-pump (cooling and dehumidifying basement air). There is a 0 rebate on that unit in VT. And go for the LP mod-con as backup boiler. Put glycol in your wood-boiler loop.

Glow Worm 30CXi Reviews | Boilers

Read 18 customer reviews of the Glow Worm 30CXi & compare with other Boilers at Review Centre. Glow Worm 30CXi Reviews ... I have installed over fifty cxi boilers and I do not have 1 dissatisfied customer out of all the installations,the cxi is made by vailant in the vailant factory comes with a 5 year warranty (7 years with the 35kw )options ...

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Glow Worm boilers are of an unmatched quality and are known for their modern appeal. The Click On Group has the widest range of parts and spares for Glow Worm boilers. Before you decide to buy a boiler for your house, you should definitely look at the attractive prices offered by Click On Group.

Burning Too Much Wood In Your Outdoor Boiler? –

Do you believe you are burning too much wood in your outdoor furnace? If so, let's talk about this for a minute.High wood consumption can be caused by a number of factors. I will discuss here some of the more common causes of high wood consumption – many of which can be easily resolved. First, keep in mind that wood contains energy in the form of BTUs. Your furnace converts that BTU heat ...

Glow Worm Company Review

Glow Worm is a manufacturer of boilers and heating systems that has been around for 75 years. They are particularly well known for providing excellent value for money, not to mention a range of combi boilers, cylinders, system boilers and heat only boilers.

Glow-worm Energy System 15kW Gas Boiler

The Energy System gas boiler from Glow-worm is a highly reliable domestic unit which has been designed and made in the UK. It is a condensing wall mounted unit with a variety of features and benefits. As a System boiler it will send hot water to your radiators and to a sealed hot water storage cylinder for use in your taps.

Gas Boiler For Central Heating and Hot Water | Glow-worm

Glow-worm’s exceptional regular heat-only boilers (also known as ‘open-vent’ boilers) provide central heating and hot water via the boiler, a storage cylinder and water tanks. As well as providing ultra-efficient combi and system boiler solutions, Glow-worm also specialises in manufacturing award-winning regular heat-only boilers.

A relatively useful insight in to Glow-worms Boiler

This is all the Glow-worm review you need. Assuming you have disregarded 90% of this article and only read that last review. It’s safe to assume you’ve already decided to go ahead and buy a Glow-worm boiler. To get the best deal on a new combi boiler, answer some quick online questions and we'll give you an instant fixed price.


A boiler is essentially a closed container that holds fluid and heats it for a variety of uses, particularly for the central heating system of a domestic household. Boilers do indeed come in an assortment of shapes and sizes offering a variety of uses of varying requirements, e.g. Boilers for Sealed Systems, Boilers for Regular Systems, etc.

Glow-worm Betacom 4 30kW Combi Gas Boiler ERP

Betacom4 is a highly efficient combi boiler with a choice of 24 or 30kW outputs for instant hot water and heating. Betacom4 comes with a simple inbuilt analogue timer and is also compatible with the full range of Glow-worm controls including the popular MiGo app based control, making it easy to set the heating programme required and run in the most efficient way to meet heating & hot water ...

Glow-Worm Boiler Guide - Which? - Expert testing

Considering buying a new Glow-worm boiler? Our guide to Glow-worm boilers reveals how reliable they are, and what Glow-worm owners really think of their boiler. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your. ...

Glow-worm Glow-worm ULTIMATE Regular Boilers - Which?

This Glow-worm ULTIMATE series is a gas condensing heat-only boiler from Glow-worm. Find out what expert heating engineers make of Glow-worm boilers, and how reliable they are in our full and independent review.

Glow-worm betacom4 30kW combi gas boiler

The Betacom4 30kW is a highly reliable, compact, condensing Combi gas boiler that has been designed and manufactured by Glow-worm. This is a wall-mounted unit, saving you floor space and as a Combi boiler provides instant heating and hot water without the need for any tanks or cylinders, perfect for smaller homes.

Glow-worm betacom4 24kW Combi gas boiler

Compare reviews, prices and get free quotes to supply & fit a Glow-worm betacom4 24kW Combi gas boiler today. Make Glow-worm Model betacom4 24kW Combi gas boiler Is Condensing Condensing Efficiency Rating 89.2% Band

Glow-worm boiler reviews - Which?

Discover the most reliable gas and oil boilers, including heat-only and combi boilers, using our boiler reviews. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. ... Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a …

Glow-worm Reviews

I requested that the replacement boiler, be a Glow-Worm. A name, I know and trust. In the past I have subscribed to their insurance scheme, which is also: First Class! In my opinion: Glow-Worm have a well deserved, good reputation. Which they strive to maintain. Hence my insistence that the 20+ year old boiler, was replaced, with another Glow-Worm.

Guide To Glow-worm Boilers: Combi, System, Heat-only, Prices

Glow-worm boilers: Everything you need to know. Glow-worm has been active within the heating industry for over 80 years and has throughout this time established a reputation for providing customers throughout the UK with reliable and energy-efficient products.

Glow-worm Flexicom 15hx Gas

Summary. The Glow-worm Flexicom 15hx has a SAP seasonal efficiency rating of 88.5%. The Flexicom 15hx is a Condensing Conventional boiler with a maximum power output of 15.0kw that uses Gas as its fuel source.